• Automotive lighting products from I I Stanley
    High-Quality automotive headlamps supplied with respect, trust and value.
  • Automotive lighting products from I I Stanley
    Supplying superior lighting products to help our customers "Light the World."

Automotive lighting products from I I Stanley

A member of the Stanley Electric group of companies, I I Stanley is committed to producing durable, high-quality advanced lighting products. Since 1985, we have sought to act as an innovative leader in the industry, continuously striving to improve, advance and enhance our manufacturing processes. To that end, we have implemented robotics into our molding department, allowing us to produce both single and multi-color lenses. Additionally our coatings department utilizes sophisticated vacuum metallization equipment that affords us the ability to metallize our lighting components at the highest level of quality standards.

ITAF16949 certified, we are constantly working to maintain our reputation as a manufacturer of the industry's best automotive headlamps, tail lamps, fog lamps and high mount lamps. It is because of this dedication – as well as the staff that we employ – that we are able to deliver on Stanley Electric's mission to "Light the World."

New I I Stanley Visitors Procedures

To protect the health of everyone at our sites, given the coronavirus outbreak's continued spread, we will now require additional screening of all visitors prior to entry into I I Stanley facilities and events. Effective immediately, all visitors entering I I Stanley are required to complete the I I Stanley Visitors Health Screening Questionnaire. If any questions are answered "yes," access will be denied and the visitor will be asked to reschedule their meeting or make other arrangements.

Thank you for your patience with these health and safety measures as we continue to address this outbreak together.



Before planning a visit to II Stanley, all vendors and contractors must view this video and sign an acknowledgement form upon entering II Stanley. 

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